What is the application of tuntable on foam cutting 3D machine ?

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CNC foam cutting equipment

What is the application of tuntable on foam cutting 3D machine ?

We can add a turntable on 2 axis machine and 4 axis foam cutting 3D machine.It can help clients to cut complex models with our CNC machine.

Vertical Rotary Axis Option
This option includes a rotary axis motor driven removable turntable, motion control components and software to create complex 2D and 3D objects for a CNC Foam Cutter. This foam lathe allows fabricators to incorporate standard or rigid hot wire cutting into this coordinated 3rd axis. When finished using this option, simply remove the timing plate and quickly get back to your foam cutting 3D machine.
CNC foam cutting equipment

The shape begins as a design in our easy-to-use software package
The vertical lathe is loaded with a foam blank and rotates between cuts
The end result is an ornate 3D shape created by a completely automated cutting process.

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