What is hot wire materials for EPS foam cutting line

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EPS cutting line

What is hot wire materials for EPS foam cutting line

The EPS foam cutting line can cut EPS block at big capacity and its capacity can be three times of normal EPS cutting machines.The EPS foam cutting line cut EPS block by moving EPS block and hot wires do not move and hot wires only move to oscillate to cut.

Copper hot wire

Why we choose German-made heating wire special for the EPS foam cutting line, the hot wires are copper coated,because of the composition is different, heated evenly, not easy to break the wire, temperature resistance of 1600 degrees, tensile strength is four times the domestic, suitable for automatic cutting machine, used to cut real gold plate, graphite plate, high-density foam board.

Q:Why users choose copper hot wire from Germany?
A:It nevers breaks for one month working.
Three different hot wire diameter for EPS foam cutting line:
· 0.38mm
· 0.4mm 
· 0.55mm
EPS cutting line
Myaid Machinery supply full automatic and continuous EPS cutting line from China. Our website @ www.insulatedpanelsmachinery.com 

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