thermocol machines manufacturer from China

Watch Youtube Video to seek for solutions about foam cutting machine and foam recycling machine
EPS polystyrene melting machine
EPS polystyrene melting machine

Since 2013,myaid machinery dedicate to provide value-added service by introducing BETTER machines in China to clients overseas.These machines are made by Big manufacturers with a Big Name and with Large Scale Production in China.Exactly,we supply EPS foam machine for insulation sheets, hot wire CNC foam cutting machine for EPS decorations and packing industry, foam recycling machine for various foam materials in shijiazhuang city,China.

Our local area Xinji city is branch of shijiazhuang city, it is center of China foam plastics industry which is mainly famous for EPS foam machines factories,foam raw materials distribution,foam panels factories and relative auxiliaries. Xinji city takes 65% market share of the whole foam plastics machines in China,among which takes 80% of the eps panels molding machines in China.

thermocol machine manufacturer
thermocol machine manufacturer

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