The work principle of EPS ingots machine

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The work principle of EPS ingots machine

EPS ingots machine can be used for the production of EPS foam, PE foam, PP and other plastics. The main working principle is to use the high temperature of the molten resin to soften the density and then extrude into a certain shape.
EPS polystyrene hot melting machine mainly consists of feeding unit, heating unit, extrusion head, driving system and so on. The material enters the feeding hopper through the feeding device, passes through the heating zone by heat transfer to melt and soften, and then flows into the extrusion head through a lubricating pipe. Then it is extruded through an outlet valve into a certain shape by rotation of upper and lower dies under pressure in extrusion heads.
The work principle of EPS ingots machine
EPS ingots machine is a kind of thermal recycling equipment, the principle of its working method is that the raw material is sent to the hopper through the feeding device and heated by the heating device.
The heated raw material enters into the extruder from the bottom, extrusion from the outlet of the extruder. The extruded product is cooled in cooling water tank by cold water spray, then finished products take out from outlet.
The advantages of EPS polystyrene hot melting machine:
1、High productivity: one set can produce 30-60 ton per day of EPS foam products;
2、Low cost: save energy more than 50%, improve production efficiency;

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