what is mold-free EPS cutting machine ?

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mold free eps cutter
mold free eps cutter

The mold-free EPS cutting machine is a general electric heating grooving and cutting equipment. It is used for thermal cutting of foam, extruded board, pearl cotton and other foamed plastics, and uses high-temperature electric heating blades to open various linear special-shaped grooves. It is mainly used for floor heating and packaging. Just press the button and it will be automatically slotted. People only need to place and close the board. Depending on the material’s material quality and density, the temperature can be adjusted to make cutting easy without too much melting resulting in large size deviations.



1. mold-free EPS cutting machine can be Slotting of foam extruded board,

2. Open special-shaped linear grooves


1. Straight-line grooving, through grooving, non-through grooving

2. Limited backing plate makes positioning more convenient

3. The position of the bracket is adjustable, suitable for cutting foam sponges of different thicknesses.

4. Heating speed is fast and the required temperature can be reached in a few seconds.

5. All-aluminum alloy profile structure, light and strong.

6. The temperature of the electric heating wire is adjustable and the work is more stable.

7. The cutting speed can be adjusted,

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