Low noise foam melting machine with two crushing shafts

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Low noise foam melting machine with two crushing shafts

Machine Working Principle
The  foam melting machine have two shaft crushing blades, two parallel blade shafts symmetrically fixed with blade, the blade on the two blade shafts is dislocation arrangement, and the blade of each shaft is evenly arranged in the axis of the knife with arithmetic point of view in the same direction. The first blade and the last blade of each shaft has a 90°angle。
When the two shaft crushing blades on the EPS hot melting machine are working, two parallel blade shafts with different rotation direction begin to rotate, form a wave down the grip, so that the material constant downward movement, after going through the cutting blade, and broken into smaller blocks of matter.
The two shaft crushing blades in the EPS hot melting machine can broke the EPS material into small blacks and go through the screen. The material that can’t go through the screen will be crushed again, and finally go through the screen. The material will be sent by the high speed rotary screw to the heating barrel. The screw of the main machine can convey and heat the material to melt condition, then extrude them and hydraulic blade cut them to pieces for easy storage and transportation.
Applications and place to use:
This foam melting machine can process multiple materials such as EPS EPP EPE XPS PUR EVA into small hot melted blocks. It is middle capacity one for 100kg/h, especially used in middle to large sized recycling center, food market.

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