Is packaging foam too big size to be fed and crushed by packaging foam shredder ?

Watch Youtube Video to seek for solutions about foam cutting machine and foam recycling machine
EPS shredder for packaging foam

Is packaging foam too big size to be fed and crushed by packaging foam shredder ?

We can see packaging foam around us like packaging box,EPS pads,foam cubics,EPS protection etc.These foam can be different application and different size.But normally,their size is bigger at one side.The common packaging foam shredder enjoys with 600mm height hopper,so,if the packaging foam is too big size,it is difficult to feed them and crush them.
The most common sizes for packaging foam are: 4.7 litres, 10 litres, 17.5 litres, 30 litres and 45 litres. Besides these sizes, there are also many possibilities to develop EPS boxes that are completely focused on your transport and your product.Like some packaging foam for TV,it is big size.
EPS shredder for packaging foam 
Here we go with solutions… We develop packaging foam shredder with 750mm height hopper and 1m height hopper,so,it will be easy to crush these packaging foam. See our video @  it shows how our packaging foam shredder to crush packaging foam.
Myaid Machinery supply different packaging foam shredder with horizontal hopper or vertical hopper,packaging foam shredder with single shaft or double shafts etc.Welcome to chat for more details.

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