How the mechanism of mortar coating equipment work?

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linear foam coating machine

How the mechanism of mortar coating equipment work?

mortar coating equipment is designed to coat EPS linear foam shapes. Our Standard Linear Foam Coating Machine accommodates up to 1200mm*1200mm pieces. The EPS foam piece is then placed on the table guide that runs the full length of the coating table. A variable speed motor powers the pusher mechanism, which pushes the foam shape through the silo box of mortar coating equipment.

linear foam coating machine
As the linear EPS Foam moulding enters the mortar coating equipment and exits the silo box it goes through an acrylic set of tooling. The tools are the same shape as the foam piece except the cut out portions are larger than the foam piece itself. The gap between the tooling and the foam shape determines the thickness of the coating. The machine creates an accurate, evenly coated EPS Foam shapes all the time…
We also have radial coating machine which can make radial EPS decorative moulding,welcome to enquire our machines.

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