Packaging foam for packaging fish

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table top foam cutter
table top foam cutter

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When it comes to packaging fish, it is important to ensure that the foam packaging provides adequate cushioning and protection to maintain the fish’s freshness and prevent damage during transportation. Here’s a suggestion for creating a foam package for fish:



Foam sheets or blocks: Choose a suitable type of foam that is food-safe and capable of cushioning the fish. Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam is commonly used for this purpose.

Plastic liner or bag: Use a food-grade plastic liner or bag to wrap the fish before placing it in the foam package. This helps to contain any liquids and prevent direct contact between the fish and the foam.

Tape or adhesive: Use tape or adhesive suitable for securing the foam and plastic liner.

Insulated container or box: Select a sturdy insulated container or box that can accommodate the foam package and maintain the desired temperature for the fish.

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