EPS Slabbers are hot wire foam cutting machine

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EPS Slabbers are hot wire foam cutting machine

EPS Slabbers are used to produce large volumes of EPS foam slabs. These hot wire foam cutting machine use a grid of hot wires that are manually set or can be automatically set when combined with our Wiredroid automatic wire setter. We can design machines with a conveyor system that moves the foam through a set of stationary wires, or as stationary foam tables in which a grid of hot wires moves across the machine and through the foam blocks. This system creates consistently accurate cuts throughout the entire length of the blocks. On our stationary machines, the harp has a pivoting design which allows cutting in both directions! 
hot wire foam cutting machine are stationary foam cutting tables that use an automated vertical moving hot wire grid. This machine has a heavy-duty design and uses a positive drive at all four corners for precision accuracy. This machine comes standard with 10 long & 20 short wires. Other options for different block sizes and number of hot wires are available.

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