Difference between foam ceramic/EPS/GRC materials?

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foam ceramic
foam ceramic

Today I will talk to you about the difference between foam ceramics and EPS/GRC. You will have the answer after reading this.

GRC cement component: glass fiber reinforced concrete; this is a kind of alkali-resistant glass fiber
Fiber cement composite materials with fiber as reinforcement material and cement mortar as matrix material;
EPS foam component: polystyrene foam, the main material is cut from polystyrene insulation board
Various lines. Alkali-resistant glass fiber mesh, anti-cracking mortar;
Foamed ceramic components: Foamed ceramics are made from clay tailing, ceramic fragments, river silt,
Ceramic solid waste is used as the main raw material, and is ball-milled into stone powder, then an inorganic foaming agent is added, the material is prepared by wet or dry methods, formed by cloth, and then calcined at 1200°C for 10 hours to produce a green, environmentally friendly, high-porosity closed-cell ceramic material;

Fire performance
GRC cement components: Class A fireproof materials, long service life and high strength;
EPS foam components: low heat transfer rate, high light weight, low cost, and fast production cycle wait;
Foamed ceramic components: Class A fireproof new material, aging resistant, non-cracking, easy to process, fast construction;

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Weight hardness
GRC cement components: glass fiber reinforced concrete, heavy weight: EPS foam components: the main material of EPS lines is polystyrene, light weight; foam ceramic components: products are light in weight, high strength and good toughness;
Product Usage
GRC cement components: suitable for all exterior eaves decoration projects, with various shapes and fast production times
Long term, cheap price;
EPS foam components: upgraded products of GRC components, low cost, fast production cycle,
cheap price;
Foam ceramic components: used in exterior wall construction projects, various shapes, and new buildings
Materials and production cycle are short;foam ceramic cutting machine can cut the 2D designs.

Each material has its own advantages and can be customized according to your needs.

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