Why EPS baler fails to pack nicely?

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eps strapping machine
eps strapping machine

1. Improper adjustment of strapping.

There are actually two reasons for this situation. One is that the binding force is adjusted too much, which is mainly manifested in the fact that the packing tape penetrates into the carton and damages the packaged items; the other is that the binding force is too small, which shows that the binding tape is loose and cannot play a binding role.

2. The bonding effect is poor. Poor bonding doesn’t mean something is wrong with the charter machine, the quality of the tape itself will also be poor. But if this situation is ruled out, there will be problems with the ironing head of the baler, the temperature adjustment is too high, the packaging tape is scalded on two layers, the temperature of the ironing head is too low, and the packaging tape is not ironed properly.

EPS baler
EPS baler

3. The tape cutting effect is not good. The perfect packaging process should be to cut and glue the edges well, but the strapping machine has been used for a long time or is too worn, and the packaging tape cannot work well.

Packing straps slide. The belt of the EPS baler  generally slips. If you use a new machine, you can check whether there is any debris on the lower beam wheel. If yes, it can be cleaned. If not, check whether the pinion gear of the lower beam wheel is worn. If worn, the beam wheel can be replaced.

So that’s the end of today’s introduction. The above is all the content I will talk about today. I believe you have some understanding of the reasons for the poor packaging of the strapping machine. Thank you for your patience in reading. If you want to know more about the strapping machine, please call the service hotline in the upper right corner to consult us.

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