what are White Thermocol Balls?

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White thermocol balls, also known as Styrofoam balls, are small spherical objects made from expanded polystyrene foam (EPS). Thermocol is a term commonly used in some regions, particularly in India, to refer to EPS or Styrofoam. These balls are lightweight, buoyant, and have a white color. They are often used in various craft projects, decorations, packaging, and educational activities,they are cut by thermocol ball making machine.

White thermocol balls are available in different sizes, ranging from tiny beads to larger spheres. They are widely used in arts and crafts for creating ornaments, DIY projects, floral arrangements, and school projects. Due to their lightweight and easy-to-handle nature, they can be glued, painted, cut, or shaped to suit different creative purposes.

The insulating properties of expanded polystyrene foam make thermocol balls useful for packaging fragile items, providing cushioning and protection during transport. They are also commonly used in floral arrangements to hold stems in place and add volume to bouquets.

It’s important to note that expanded polystyrene foam, including white thermocol balls, is not biodegradable and can have environmental impacts if not properly disposed of or recycled. It’s recommended to explore eco-friendly alternatives or recycle Styrofoam products whenever possible.

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