Horizontal Bandsaw Cutting Machine for foam sheets

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horizontal bandsaw cutting machine
horizontal bandsaw machine

The horizontal bandsaw cutting machine uses horizontal bandsaw to cut various foam materials into sheets.We can see lots of vertical bandsaw in the market,we design the bandsaw machine into horizontal bandsaw.The bandsaw can cut with reciprocating movement to cut big foam block into sheets.

A bandsaw machine is a power saw that uses a continuous loop of toothed saw blade to cut material. The blade is stretched between two wheels, one of which is powered by an electric motor. The other wheel is called the idler wheel and it does not drive the blade, but it helps to keep the blade tensioned.

Bandsaw machines are used to cut a variety of materials, including foam,wood, metal, plastic, and composites. They are particularly well-suited for cutting curves and irregular shapes. Bandsaw machines can also be used to make intricate cuts, such as scrollwork.

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