What is density of foamed ceramics building materials ?

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foam ceramic
foam ceramic

The density of foamed ceramics can vary depending on the type of ceramic, the manufacturing process, and the desired properties. However, in general, foamed ceramics have a density that is much lower than that of solid ceramics. The density of foamed ceramics can range from 380-430 kg/m3.So,it is high density and it can be cut only by diamond wire from CNC foam cutting machine.

The following are some of the factors that affect the density of foamed ceramics:

  • Porosity: The porosity of a foamed ceramic is the percentage of the material that is air. The higher the porosity, the lower the density.
  • Cell size: The cell size of a foamed ceramic is the average size of the air pockets. The smaller the cell size, the higher the density.
  • Pore shape: The pore shape of a foamed ceramic can be either closed or open. Closed-cell foams have pores that are sealed off from the surrounding environment, while open-cell foams have pores that are interconnected. Open-cell foams are typically more porous and have lower densities than closed-cell foams.
  • Manufacturing process: The manufacturing process used to produce foamed ceramics can also affect the density. Some manufacturing processes, such as the sol-gel process, can produce foamed ceramics with very high porosities and low densities.
foam contour cutting machine
foam contour cutting machine

The density of foamed ceramics is an important property that affects their performance in various applications. For example, foamed ceramics with low densities are often used as thermal insulators, while foamed ceramics with high strengths are often used as structural materials.

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