What is foam glass materials?

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foam glass

Foam glass is a type of insulation material made by heating a mixture of crushed glass, a foaming agent, and a binding agent to a high temperature. The mixture then expands and solidifies into a lightweight, cellular material with a closed-cell structure.

Foam glass has many desirable properties, including high compressive strength, excellent thermal insulation, and resistance to moisture, fire, and chemicals. It is also environmentally friendly because it is made from recycled glass.

Foam glass is commonly used as insulation in buildings, pipelines, tanks, and other industrial applications where thermal insulation is required. It is also used in geotechnical applications, such as lightweight fill material and drainage layers in civil engineering projects.

The foam glass can be cut by foam glass cutting machine which is CNC foam cutting machine with diamond wire.

foam glass cutting machine
foam glass cutting machine

Materials Advantage:

1. It is non-toxic, non-radioactive, will not release harmful substances, will not pollute the foundation and groundwater, and is an environmentally friendly material;
2. Non-combustible, low moisture absorption and water absorption, and operating temperature range. The actual operating temperature of ordinary foam glass is 240~280°C;
3. Not easy to be weathered, not aged, not bitten by rats and insects and corroded by microorganisms;
4. It is possible to adjust the bulk density, open porosity and closed porosity and other properties by changing the formula and foaming process;

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