What are the feature of table-top foam cutter ?

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Desktop EPS cutter

table-top foam cutter  is a specialized hot wire cutter machine used for cutting foam materials using a heated wire that rotates in a circular motion. This type of foam cutter combines the benefits of a hot wire cutting technique with a rotary motion, allowing for precise and versatile foam cutting operations.

The table-top foam cutter enjoys with below features:

【Smooth and Efficient Cutting】  desktop EPS cutter is FCC certified, heats up faster and more evenly than normal electric heating pens, The U-shaped tip can be heated up to 210℃ during use, and the 5cm tip can be heated up to 350℃. The hot wire cutting pen can cut foam block from any angle smoothly and efficiently just like butter, seals the edges clearly, and eaves No Debris

【4 IN 1 TOOLS】 desktop EPS cutter  includes FCC Approved 15W high power foam cutter and UL approved power supply, U-Blade, F-Blade(U&F without hot wire), 2 Inch Straight Blade*1, 4 Inch Straight Blade*1, 5 hot wires, brushes and a holder, plus a tool case for easy storage. We are 24 hours a day to serve you.

【Easy to Use】  desktop EPS cutter comes with a metal support frame for resting the heated tip, so you don’t worry about where to rest it when you want a break from your work. After it cools down, please wipe the heating needle with copper brush to avoid blackening and hardening caused

【Sturdy and Safe Design】Upgraded electric styrofoam cutter is made of stainless steel and plastic material with super overheat protection. Designed with a touch button and LED light, provides safety tips when using our foam cutter. No breaking and no taking apart problem

【Wide Applications】The cutting pen is hot enough to be applied to different kinds of materials, such as foam board, pearl cotton, KT board, EPS, EVA, XPS, PE, etc., not for plastic, high-density sponge, memory foam, nylon fabric. You can use desktop EPS cutter for Halloween costumes, handmade practice, commercial artwork, even model-making lessons by kids at school.

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