How to fix CNC EPS cutting machine when it breaks down

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When your CNC EPS cutting machine break down due to power supply issue,you need try to fix it with below steps:

  1. The CNC EPS cutting machine hints to use a voltmeter to check whether the power supply voltage is normal. It is found that the voltage waveform ripple is detected with an oscilloscope. The open circuit of the capacitor is usually caused by power supply filtering, poor rectifier diodes or false welding, and sometimes a component is broken down and damaged. The power load is too heavy.


  1. When the normal system is just turned on, the power supply voltage drops after working for a period of time. Or the high-power transistor is not good, which is usually a voltage stabilizing circuit. When the temperature rises, it causes the power supply voltage to drop. It may also be caused by a false welding of a component and poor contact after the temperature rises.


  1. The power supply of the CNC EPS cutting machine has no voltage or the power supply voltage is low. The system of the cutting machine usually uses ±12V, ±15V, ±24V, ±30V, and rarely uses 5V. When the power supply voltage is unstable, it will cause the CNC system to work abnormally.


  1. Under normal circumstances, for the CNC EPS cutting machine, these phenomena all occur, but compared to the models of the factories with rough processing and lack of technology, they still appear frequently.
2 axis CNC EPS cutting machine
2 axis CNC EPS cutting machine

Therefore, CNC EPS cutting machine manufacturers suggest that when buying CNC EPS cutting machine, you should choose a reliable manufacturer to buy, so as to ensure the safety and durability of the machinery.

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