Feature of hot wire foam cutter

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Some packaging foam can be got from hot wire cutting.It is easy to cut and the small hot wire foam cutter machine includes :

1) Mechanization system for Cylinder, Cone, Ball, Any revolved shape cutting.

2) Electronic controller box with operator panel switches.

3) 0-12V (20 Amps) adjustable, 0-20V(3 Amps) dual output Transformer for heating wire.

4) pre-bent wires for ball sizes: 50, 75, 100, 150 mm diameter, pillar shape ( 150mm ht )

5) 16 SWG bare NiCr wires : 10m length.

6) 30 SWG wires and spring arrangement for Cylinder, cone cutting.

This is a manual hot wire foam cutter machine, its an Electronic controlled semi-automatic machine, which has the following automatic features:

1) Precise automatic low rpm control of cutting wire rpm/speed through stepper motors. (Manual wire rotation will not be smooth leaving marks on the foam and finish wont be good in manual )

2) Automatic motor stop after one rotation.

3) Automatic motor direction reverse for every cut: to avoid wire twisting.

4) Automatic heat cut off after one rotation.

5) Intelligent design to cut Cylinders, Cone, Ball, Pillar, Any revolved shape in the same machine.

6) Scale markings provided on the machine for easy and precise setup change from one ball size/shape to another.

7) T-slot provision for easy fixing of stoppers for different ball size.

8) No need for pre-preparation of Styrofoam size. Can directly cut balls from Styrofoam sheets or cuboids.

9) Can do nested cutting of cones , balls etc. for optimal material usage, minimizing waste.

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