What is linear foam molding coating machine?

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A linear foam molding coating machine is a type of machine used in the manufacturing process of building foam decorative moulding on exterior wall. It is designed to apply a coating of material, such as paint or adhesive, to the surface of a foam product as it moves through the machine.


The linear foam molding coating machine consists of a conveyor system that carries the foam product through a series of spray nozzles or rollers, which apply the coating material evenly and consistently over the surface of the product. The coating material is typically applied in a linear pattern to ensure complete coverage of the foam product.

Linear foam molding coating machines can be used to apply a variety of coating materials to building foam decorative moulding, including water-based or solvent-based paints, adhesives, and other coatings. The machine can be customized to meet specific product requirements, such as coating thickness, speed of production, and type of coating material.


Overall, linear foam molding coating machines are an essential tool in the manufacturing process of foam products, providing a fast and efficient way to apply coatings and finishes to foam products of all shapes and sizes.

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