A small Hot wire foam cutter for EPS packing box

Watch Youtube Video to seek for solutions about foam cutting machine and foam recycling machine
small hot wire foam cutter
small hot wire foam cutter

The manual hot wire foam cutter can scoop EPS packages,it is just a small hot wire machine.

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manual EPS scooping machine
manual EPS scooping machine
  • 【FOAM CUTTER WIDE APPLICATIONS】: The small hot wire foam Cutter usually used for packaging, construction, art modeling, handmade practice, advertising words making, architects models making, sculpting and prototype. For architectures, designers, decorators, artists, constructors, professionals, craftsmen or DIY enthusiasts to provide better help in commercial and industrial use.
  • 【HOT WIRE FOAM CUTTER APPLICABLE MATEERIALS】: Foam Cutter can cut lightweight foam, KT board, polyurethane, polyethylene, EPS, XPS, EPP, EVA, EPE, PE, PU, polyester foam, etc. NOT suitable for high density foam, memory foam, nylon fabric and sponge.
  • 【FOAM CUTTING MACHINE ADJUSTMENT AND CUTTING】: Foam Cutting Machine can be adjusted back and forth, left and right, horizontal and vertical cutting. Foam Cutting Machine is used to cut straight edges, bevels, curves, cylinders, cones.
  • 【HOT WIRE CUTTER 18W POWER】: Hot wire cutting temperature can heat up to 720°F in 1s. There is no need to adjust the power to avoid burning parts, and Hot Wire Cutter has simple structure can be used directly without installation or tools, meeting most application scenarios and materials.
  • 【UPGRADED VERSION STYROFOAM CUTTER】: Aluminum Adjustable Fence is more solid and has a longer service life. Two pairs of precise bearings mounted at both sides of fence makes smooth and accurate guiding. Styrofoam cutters have a more perfect better workmanship, which have precise spool system and vertical and diagonal cutting. The work glides absolutely straight on the superior quality surface. No exposed wires at the bottom to avoid tedious maintenance.
  • 【REPLACE HOT WIRE】: There is a spare roll of replacement hot wire at the top of the holder, which can be replaced by untwisting the washer at the bottom of the panel when replacing the electric hot wire.

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