CNC foam cutting machines use abrasive wire to cut

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The abrasive wire is made of a high-temperature alloy, such as NiChrome, that is heated to a few hundred degrees Celsius. As the wire passes through the foam, it melts and vaporizes the material, leaving a clean, precise cut.

The abrasive wire is typically wrapped around a spool and fed through the machine at high speed. The speed of the wire and the temperature of the cutting head can be adjusted to control the depth and quality of the cut.

CNC foam cutting machines are used to cut a variety of foam materials, including EPS, XPS, polyurethane, and PUR. They are also used to cut other materials, such as rubber, plastic, and fabric.

CNC foam cutting machines are a versatile and efficient way to cut foam materials. They can be used to create complex shapes and patterns with high accuracy.

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