Quotation of EPS Recycling Machine from China

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EPS melting machine
EPS melting machine

Plastics making need raw materials from EPS materials which can be recycled into PS pellets.EPS pellets making by EPS recycling machine can be a good way to recycle with.The line consists of EPS crusher,EPS silo and pellets machine,water tank and EPS  cutter.

The line can feed with EPS loose foam and crush them and then feed the hopper.The PS pellets can be output at end of the line and reused in plastic making.

EPS recycling machine
EPS recycling machine
    Machine Name   Model No.   USD Price             Note
EPS Crusher with blower1000150Horizontal with single shaft
EPS pelletizor with primary and secondary unit270Temperature control ; Automatic replace mesh
Silo system2500*2500*2500Rack and fiber bag and plastic pipe
Water tank Stainless steel
EPS pellets cutter180  
Machines are in one package box

Price is FOB Xingang port

Machine for feeding EPS loose foam application with 200-300kg/h

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