The working process of EPS recycling granulator

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325 eps pellet machine
325 eps pellet machine

The working process of EPS recycling granulator for waste plastics:

The crushing of EPS waste plastics – the conveying of materials – heating and melting – extrusion – water cooling – cutting particles

eps pelletizing machine
eps pelletizing machine
  1. Carry out raw material treatment: take the updated plastic as the raw material, crush it into flakes after sorting, and dry it after washing with water to control the moisture content of the material to be 1%-4%, and then send the material to the granulator for processing. Agglomeration, agglomerates the material into granules, the particle diameter is between 0.3-2cm, and the bulk density of the material reaches 600-1000kg/m3 to complete the raw material processing;
  2. Feeding, put recycled waste plastics, heavy calcium carbonate, and agricultural production system solvent into the plastic granulator, and the agricultural production system solution and recycled waste plastics undergo catalytic reaction and fully stir to mix them evenly to obtain composite materials;
  3. Input the composite material into the screw-type electrothermal melting machine for heating and further mixing, and the composite material that becomes thick after heating is pushed to the outlet by the screw rotation;
  4. Remove the thick composite material from the outlet, and transport it to the steel mold of the hydraulic press or hydraulic press working platform according to the mold volume for strong pressing;
  5. Extrusion, run the extrusion device on the EPS recycling granulator, and extrude the softened recycled waste plastic to obtain newer plastic;
  6. For foam granulation from EPS recycling granulator, you need run the cutting device on the plastic granulator to cut the extruded newer plastic into granules.

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