Introduction of hammer type foam crusher,small foam crusher

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foam crusher
foam crusher

Hammer type foam crusher is a hammer type foam crusher equipment that mainly relies on hammers to beat materials to pulverization. The pulverized materials can be directly mixed with corn grits, rice bran, bean cakes and other feeds for poultry and animals to eat. Used in feed mills, farms and individual farmers.

foam crusher
foam crusher

Principle of wood feed hammer type foam crusher

The hammer type foam crusher is mainly composed of six parts: the upper body, the cover, the rotor assembly, the screen, the feeding device, and the frame. The body and the rotor assembly together form a pulverizing chamber. Crushing is done in the crushing chamber. When the material enters the crushing chamber, it is quickly crushed into fine powder and slurry under the action of the partial blowing and kneading of the round and flat teeth, and is discharged through the sieve hole through the discharge port under the action of centrifugal force and airflow.


Wood Feed hammer type foam crusher Features

  1. The hammer type foam crusher has a wide range of crushing, including sawdust, shavings, branches, wood chips and various crop straws, corn straw, cotton stalks, rice husks, peanut shells, sweet potato seedlings, grain straw, wheat straw, etc.
  2. The product advantages of hammer type foam crusher are simple structure, convenient operation and wide processing range.
  3. hammer type foam crusher has a wide range of applications and is used in crop straw crushing and processing. It is an ideal processing equipment for feed mills, charcoal mills, straw coal mills, and breeding plants. It is used in many fields such as straw pellet fuel, pellet feed, straw briquette fuel, straw new building materials, straw door building, biomass power generation and so on.
  4. The hammer type foam crusher is energy-saving, mainly highlighting high output, low energy consumption and low cost.


Uses of wood feed hammer type foam crusher

It can crush all kinds of dry feed, such as corn, sorghum, straw, wheat straw, potato vine, corn stalk, corn cob, peanut vine, bean stalk, field snail, shell, raw food, restaurant waste, leftovers, swill, etc. It can crush Chinese medicinal materials, pine bark, scrap wood scraps, quartz, coal, wood and other raw materials. The pulverizer is simple in structure, easy to operate, reliable to use and easy to maintain; it is suitable for farms, animal husbandry, processing plants and personal use.

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