How to select a good foam granulator among the suppliers ?

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Many end users who are ready to buy a foam granulator have such confusion. After checking the Internet, there are many kinds of machines, and the prices are also different. Which one is the best foam granulator? Which one should you choose?
So how do you choose a manufacturer? As the saying goes, only the feet know whether the shoes fit or not, so don’t believe that some manufacturers maliciously slander others. Specifically, I will give you a few examples:

eps pelletizing machine
eps pelletizing machine

1. Professional knowledge
To be honest, professionalism is the way of survival for a factory. If a small factory is doing a variety of different equipment, even if it is not even a field of equipment, then do you think it can do well?
2. Shop around and investigate more
Do not believe such words, you must see is believing, do not believe such unrealistic words, on-the-spot investigation is the most important.
3. After-sales service
As for machinery and equipment, there will be more or less problems of this kind, and at this time, it depends on the service of the manufacturer.
So I remind you again that you must buy equipment from professional manufacturers with good after-sales service, so how can you choose the foam granulator equipment that suits you?

recycling pellet

Give you some suggestions on the price of purchasing a foam granulator:
1. Choose the right manufacturer: First, you must choose a professional manufacturer. In this case, the manufacturer will provide you with the most suitable equipment for you according to the raw materials. It is best to choose a manufacturer that can recycle products, so that you don’t have to worry if you can’t sell the material in the future.
2. Select machines according to the output: This is very important, estimate how much material you can receive in a month, and then choose a slightly larger machine when choosing equipment, so that even if you have a little more material in the future, you do not need to change equipment, the most important thing It saves labor.
3. Don’t follow blindly: You need to know whether your material is the same as others, and how much you can produce per month. You can’t follow blindly, seeing what other people buy, and what you buy yourself. It’s not easy to use when you come back.
4. You can’t just look cheap and not look at quality: the price of foam granulator is also very important. For example, some users want to buy a cheap one with a low price. In the end, there are only two results. One is deceived, and the other is to buy a bunch of them. scrap iron. Therefore, buying equipment can not be cheap, price concessions are one aspect, and quality is another aspect.

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