What EPS shredder can benefit you

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heavy duty eps shredder
heavy duty eps shredder

EPS foam waste is solid waste generated after foam is used. Foam accumulation not only takes up land resources, but also increases the economic burden of the foam factory. After long-term storage of foam, it will pollute the environment and cause serious pollution to the air, water and farmland.

In recent years, the country and the government have gradually paid attention to the comprehensive treatment of foam waste. After the EPS foam is broken, it can be reused. With the development of science and technology, high-quality foam materials can be produced, as well as foam products with solid quality, uniform color and strong durability. The commonly used EPS shredder is a double-roll crusher. The machine is advanced in technology and excellent in performance, which is unmatched by traditional double-roll crushers.

Model no.
Inlet size
Motorreducer assembly power
Blower power
Rotating shaft qty
2 pcs
2 pcs
Output granules diameter

The EPS shredder is mainly composed of a frame, a shell, a roller body, a belt conveyor, and a motor. The double roller crusher is driven by two motors and two rollers to rotate relative to each other. The crushed foam material falls between the rollers through the feed port and is crushed by squeezing. The rollers of the double-roll crusher are very smooth, which not only has the function of crushing, but also has the function of making sand.

China made eps shredder
China made eps shredder

Performance advantages of double-roll EPS shredder:

  1. Advanced technology: combined with the physical characteristics of the foam, it can be better applied to foam breaking. Its crushing advantages are more professional, small footprint, light weight, simple operation and maintenance.
  2. Reliable quality and few failures: The transmission part of the engine base is equipped with a safety cover, which can better ensure the safe use of the machine. In short, this equipment has reliable quality, few failures and low operating cost, which is unmatched by other types of crushers.
  3. Discharge granularity adjustment device: A wedge adjustment device is installed between the rollers of the discharge granularity adjustment device, and an adjustment bolt is installed on the front surface of the wedge adjustment device. After pulling the wedge, the wedge device is far away from the fixed roller, which enlarges the distance between the roller and the roller, and improves the discharge particle size. On the contrary, if the interval between the two rollers becomes smaller, the discharge size will also become smaller. The operation method of the double-roll crusher is simple, flexible and extensive, which can better meet the needs of the market.
  4. High production efficiency: This EPS shredder can reduce the particle size of foam shredding, improve the crushing characteristics of foam materials, and effectively realize the crushing principle of “less broken, more broken”, and the productivity can be increased by more than 40%, so as to achieve the production effect.
  5. Dust removal equipment: The double-roll crusher has good sealing performance, and is equipped with a dust cover device to prevent broken small particles from being scattered, reducing dust pollution and foam material waste.

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