Steps for styrofoam recycling by EPS compactor

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styrofoam compact machine
styrofoam compact machine

EPS compactor works with compressing all kinds of EPS material and can help you to reduce the volume of EPS waste up to 50:1. Its operation process consists of four parts: putting Styrofoam, crushing, cold pressing, and output, which is automatic and it is easy. It is not only easy to operate but also can reduce the volume of EPS Styrofoam by up to 2% only and foam pressed bricks, which can be sold to recyclers.

styrofoam compact machine
styrofoam compact machine

The steps for EPS recycling:

  1. Feedthe EPS foam to be processed into the hopper—Feed EPS foam into the hopper for Crushing.
  2. The large EPS foam is Crushed into small pieces.
  3. Compaction of crushed EPS foam by pressing technology—Compressing EPS foam by pressing and hydraulic technology from EPS compactor.
  4. Output the pressed ingots compacted by screw extrusion.

With a survey on the recycling of EPS Styrofoam in China, the overall recovery data of Styrofoam in China is on the rise in recent years, and there are 120 million pools recycled in 2020. It can be seen that more and more people begin to pay attention to EPS Styrofoam recycling.

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