How to use the horizontal EPS compactor machine to densify EPS waste?

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EPS cold press
EPS cold press

EPS compactor can densify the big size EPS waste into high density EPS brick which is small size and good for transportation.

EPS cold press
EPS cold press
  1. Collect EPS foam material and tear off the label paper stuck on it;
  2. Put the foam material into the hopper of the EPS compactor;
  3. The EPS compactor automatically breaks the foam material and compresses the foam;
  4. The foam with 7kg/m3  is compressed into EPS bricks with a density of up to 300-400 kg/m3.
  5. 5. It can Compact EPS foam blocks up to 30 times heavier than loose foam.
  6. 6. After compaction, the foam blocks are easy to cut, store and stack
  7. 7. Self-contained pre-crushing unit to ensure working power
  8. 8. Low operating energy consumption.
  9. 9. Different sizes of feeding can be selected
  10. 10. When the EPS waste is compacted, the pre-crushed unit can be selected or not.
  11. 11. EPS compactor is with good workmanship, reasonable price and high return on investment
  12. 12. Higher density after compaction,
  13. 13. The machine operation is easy to learn and operate

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