What is the cutting tool for CNC EPS 2D machine ?

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What is the cutting tool for CNC EPS 2D machine ?

Foam boards are widely used in packaging, building insulation, and as a supporting material in concrete masonry units. It’s lightweight, easy to work with and can be produced in different densities.

It can be cut with almost any saw or router, although it’s important to use tools that have an extremely fine hot wire. This is critical because the finer the hot wire, the less material you waste when cutting.
The most popular method for cutting foam is with a CNC EPS 2D machine. This is an extremely versatile machine that can cut through foam, wood and plastic products. Its main disadvantage is that it’s difficult to set up and use. The hot wire is relatively fragile and must be kept at a precise height above the item being cut—if it drifts up or down even slightly, you’ll wind up with a jagged edge that must be sanded down later. And if you’re not using a machine like the one we’ve designed, the hot wire tends to get tangled while traveling back and forth across the piece you’re cutting, which can cause accidents or make your finished pieces lopsided. All of these issues can easily be resolved by purchasing our CNC foam cutter!

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