What is lathe axis on 5 axis hot wire machine?

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CNC foam cutter

What is lathe axis on 5 axis hot wire machine?

We offer an optional coordinated software driven third axis on the 5 axis hot wire machine for cutting complex columns like spiral/roped columns and 2D and 3D profiles on a turntable style format.
The standard 5 axis hot wire machine is a true workhorse. Like all of our machinery, this hotwire foam cutter is designed and built to provide our customers with a superior quality machine that will outperform our a competitors CNC foam cutter.
CNC foam cutter
Optional Horizontal Lathe Axis
The horizontal foam lathe includes a rotary axis motor driven head, tail stock, rails, motion control components and software to create very complex columns and other foam shapes in a lathe style format.
This option converts an existing hot wire cutter into a lathe-cutting machine. When you’re finished using this option you can get back to  cutting in minutes. Many shops must have a separate machine to turn columns in this manner.

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