Timing belt can make Hot wire machine move to cut

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timing belt for EPS cutting machine

Timing belt can make Hot wire machine move to cut

It is used for C type Hot wire machine , with the timing belt, so that both sides of the cutting frame are balanced and synchronized, and the cutting wire travel is balanced too.C type Hot wire machine can be seen with cantilever on the machine bed and the cantilever moves up and down by the motion of timing belt.
EPS cutting machine
Hot wire machine can cut EPS block into small size EPS sheets,pads and cubic etc.The Hot wire machine is generally used by clients from insulation industry,packing industry etc.
 Description of industrial timing belt
1、Anti-aging, waterproof, anti-UV UVA, anti-ozone
2、Working temperature: -30 “C- -80°C short time can withstand up to 110°C
3、Anti-oil and anti-oil ester
4、Resist most acid and alkali corrosion
timing belt for EPS cutting machine
Application of Timing Belt
Hot wire machine use timing belt to move the hot wire to go up and down.

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