Recruiting Agent in Panama for EPS Cutting Machine Valid untill 2019/2/28.

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Recruiting Agent in Panama for EPS Cutting Machine

EPS Cutting Machine

Latest News:! Recruitment agent for EPS Cutting Machine, we can offer full tech support for Panama Agent , and bottom price. one region limit one agent! This new valid untill 2019/2/28.

Wny be Agent of is a leading supplier of All Kinds of EPS Cutting Machines, be out agent, you can enjoy the bottom price in the world, and top quality products. EPS Cutting Machine is a very good products, which can used to Mold industry: casting mold, automobile, ship, yacht, aviation industry, rail transportation etc. Musical instruments: large 3D curved surface and shape processing, if you are interested in the agent of EPS Cutting Machine, welcome to contact us.

Note: in Panama limit one agent, welcome to contact EPS Cutting Machine online support team.

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What is EPS Cutting Machine?

 Cause the nichrome wire can be heated by the electricity device.So,it can melt and cut the expanded polystyrene foam.NiChrome Wire (NiCr) is also called hot wire.It is best in working as cutting foam.Because it is resistant to corrosion and oxidation,and it can reach high temperature in just seconds.The NiChrome wires can be with high tensile strength and high melting points.It has perfect balance between energy requirement and good tensile strength.We can see their application in many eps foam cutting machines.

The hot wire cutting machine manufacturer and supplier design many different cutters based on this principle.We offer these hot wire cutters for eps foam factory.     
1) Simplified eps cutting machine is with horizontal and vertical cutting control by PLC, sectional cutting by manual control,it is applicable for 2m-8m panels.
2) C type eps cutting machine,also called cantilever eps cutting machine,it can work on three direction cutting on one machine only.You can cut the foam into different thickness with max 100 pcs of hot wires on the horizontal cutting.It is mostly populiar in market.
3) Vibration wire cutting line,it is with wires vibrated when cutting,there are semi-automatic and automatic machines,automatic cutter can be with automatic wire setting for horizontal cutting only.It include three/four sets device to be a cutting line. Foam panels can be transported from one end to another to work on automatical cutting.
4) CNC corrugation cutting machine is for grooves,dovetail,corrugations etc.
5) CNC foam 2D cutting machine for decorative moulding of exterior wall,roman columns,cornice,2D shapes etc,it is good for moulding and cornice on big scale,cause you can load 20 pcs of hot wires on the cutting frame of the machine.
6) CNC foam 3D cutting machine with rotary table can be independent motion of the wire ends on horizontal and vertical directions,with the rotary table,it is made in China,nichrome wires are from is independent wire control,wire temprature can be can cut for decorative mouldings,cornice,tapered wings,spiral shapes,complex shapes etc.It is esp good for 3D work.
7) eps foam grooving machine can make gooves on foam panels which is used for foam package.Normally,we need customise it with your different requiment.The wire will be made into different shape to cut.
8) Manual arch foam cutting machine can cut arch shape by manually rotate foam with arch shape wire.     
Theoretically,the high tech machine like CNC foam 3D cutting machine with rotary table work on cutting like you are drawing sth in lecture.You can not imagine how you do the work if you are not in this field.It is not dull work any more in your foam factory,it is very interesting if you can make a 3D foam products by cutter,these products can be found everywhere in our daily life,like the foam package,exterior wall decoration,animation prop,theme park,sculpture etc.
There are cheap cutter for small foam factories,and there are expensive cutters too.
There are linear motion wire cutters and there are arch motion and corner motion hot wire cutters.The wire can be vibrated like saw working for more capacity and more rigid foam.
As for the controlling,there are manually,PLC and CNC type.
As for the shape of wire,it can be different shapes for your demand of foam products.Like the seat and cap of roman column,bottle package,any container package etc.
There are cnc routers for sculpture making.
There are also many small manual cutters in the market.
Some technician can even design and make it themselves.
As for the application,they are for expanded polystyrene foam,propor eps foam,neopor eps foam etc thermosetting and thermocol foam.
Buyers are looking for some ideal cutter everywhere,you can find us if you are lucky enough.cause we can give you one stop service for you in choosing the right machine and also,we will be your expert in the international business procedure. 

What’s the responsibility of the Agent of EPS Cutting Machine in Panama?

The responsibility of the Agent of EPS Cutting Machine in Panama should help us sell EPS Cutting Machine, and offer tech support for EPS Cutting Machine customers, help us keep a good relationship with EPS Cutting Machine customers.

If you are from Panama, welcome to contact us for being the agent of our EPS Cutting Machine. Come on and join us as soon as possible.


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