Polystyrene Decorative Moulding Types Made by Arduino CNC EPS cutting machine in the market

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Polystyrene Decorative Moulding Types Made by Arduino CNC EPS cutting machine in the market

Polystyrene moulding is lightweight and it is easy to cut with Arduino CNC EPS cutting machine which can cut from EPS block into Foam decorative moulding, The polystyrene moulding can be installed with some construction adhesive or finishing nails and it is slightly flexible, making it perfect for exterior walls that aren’t true. Polystyrene moulding is also moisture-resistant, making it an ideal solution for exterior wall decoration.
There are several types of decorative moulding materials to choose from in the market. And the installation process is basically the same for each moulding.
Architectural moulding by polystyrene is a low-maintenance material that you can make, mill and work just like wood. And It is even much lighter than hardwood and handles more easily. It is a premium expanded polystyrene or extruded polystyrene or polyurethane moulding with large profiles.Architectural moulding doesn’t warp, rot or split.
decorative moulding
The advantage of decorative moulding makes your room a finished look and hides slight imperfections where corners meet. It’s easier to install than many people believe, especially when you use corner blocks to eliminate miter cuts.
Pre-finished moulding is a less expensive option to wood that comes in several different wood grain patterns. It’s made from polystyrene and comes ready to install. The finishing is applied at the factory, saving you the time and expense of finishing it yourself.
Unfinished solid wood moulding is the most common decorative moulding used at home decoration. It is assembled from pine or hardwood and milled in a multitude of profiles to correspond with almost any personal decorating style.

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