New Design of foam grinding equipment to crush foam waste more efficient

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foam crusher machine

New Design of foam grinding equipment to crush foam waste more efficient

foam grinding equipment can crush very big range of foam materials including EPS,XPS,PU,PE,Sponge etc.Like foam box,foam sheets,foam cut-offs,foam package etc.We have different models of foam grinding equipment,they can work with horizontal hopper,vertical hopper etc.also, they can work with single shaft or two shafts etc.Beside that,we have updated the foam grinding equipment in two aspects.
foam crusher machine

Model No.
Hopper size
Heavy Duty
1400-1500 kg/h
Heavy Duty
1) The foam grinding equipment work with blower which can remove some dust and sand inside the foam waste.So,the crushed materials are more clean and colors of processed materials are good color.
2) The blower can solve the problem of feeding which can be absorbed by the blower.The design of hopper can be large and it is good for feeding some big size materials like the packaging foam etc.
3) With the new design of big hopper,the capacity of foam grinding equipment are increased a lot and time is saved.

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