Position of Made in China quality

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“Brand is the business card of building a strong country.” We must tell the story of China’s industrial brands, publicize and guide citizens and enterprises to enhance brand awareness and brand development concepts, build consumer confidence, and form consumers’ rational brand choices in an all-round way. The whole society has formed a consensus on “transition from Chinese products to Chinese brands”.

continous eps cutting line
continous eps cutting line

Made in China has produced many bright brand name cards in the world. It is understood that the domestic market share of my country’s color TV, air conditioner, refrigerator, clothing, home textile and other self-owned brand products has reached more than 80%. High-speed rail, nuclear power, construction machinery and other products have become “international brands” made in China. Enterprise brand awareness and brand cultivation ability have been continuously enhanced. More than 4,000 enterprises have established a brand cultivation management system, and a number of enterprises have realized the leap from OEM manufacturing to cultivating their own brands. “Strengthening the Chinese-made brand and vigorously developing the brand economy is an inevitable choice to promote Chinese-made to move towards the international industrial chain and the mid-to-high end of the value chain, and to enhance international competitiveness. An important measure to convert it into value is to improve the quality and efficiency of my country’s economic development, adapt to the new economic normal, and build a strong manufacturing country.

EPS cutting line is made in China from xinji city,shijiazhuang city,it can cut EPS block into EPS sheets by hot wire,the EPS block is conveyed and cut on the EPS cutting line

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