Various insulated panels in the market

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eps insulation
eps insulation

The insulated panels are panels that are forged for the building. It can feature building with insulation and soundproof function.It can be warm in winter and cool in summer, and it is fire proof and sound proof.The insulated panels are made by insulated panels machinery  .It can be classified as below.

EPS insulation block
EPS insulation block

EPS insulation panel
The EPS insulation panel is a polystyrene resin as a raw material plus other raw materials and polymers, plastic plates, moisture-proof, water repellent, which can reduce the outer envelope structure of the building, thereby increasing the area of ​​indoor use.

XPS insulation panel
The XPS insulation panel which is a polystyrene resin to add other raw materials and polymers, and the catalyst is injected into the catalyst by heating mixing at the same time, and then extruded the rigid foam plate produced by the pressing. It is known as the adiative extruded polystyrene foam (referred to as XPS), XPS has perfect closed cellular structure, which makes the XPS plate have extremely low water absorption (almost no water), low thermal conductivity High pressure resistance, anti-aging (normal use, almost no aging decomposition phenomenon).

Polyurethane panel
1. The hard polyurethane panel is low, and the thermal performance is good. When the hard polyurethane is 35 to 40 kg / m3, the thermal conductivity is only 0.018 g to 0.023W / (m.K), which is approximately half of the EPS, which is one of the lowest thermal conductivity in all heat preservation materials.
2, the hard polyurethane panel has moisture-proof, waterproof performance. The closed cells of hard polyurethane are above 90%, belonging to a hydrophobic material, which does not increase the heat transfer coefficient due to moisture, and the wall will not seep.
3, hard polyurethane fire, flame retardant, high temperature resistance. When the polyurethane is added after the addition of a flame retardant, the softening point can reach 250 degrees Celsius, only decomposition only at a higher temperature: In addition, the polyurethane is in its foam surface when burning. Form ash, this layer of ash helps isolate the following foam. Can effectively prevent fire spread. Moreover, polyurethane does not produce harmful gases at high temperatures.
4. Since the polyurethane sheet has excellent thermal insulation performance, it can reduce the outer envelope structure thickness of the building, thereby increasing the indoor use area.
5, strong anti-deformation ability, not easy to crack, stable finish, safe.

6, the porosity structure of the polyurethane material is stable, essentially the closed hole structure, not only excellent insulation performance, but also resists freeze-saving, sound absorbing property. The average life of the hard bubble polyurethane insulation structure can reach more than 30 years under normal use and maintenance. It will not be damaged under dry, humidity or electrocolateral, and due to external due effects on dry, humidity or electrocolate, and due to insect, fungal or algae growth or due to rodents.
7, the comprehensive price is high. Although the price of hard polyurethane foam is high than other conventional insulation materials, the increased cost will be offset by the great reduction of heating and refrigeration costs.

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