How to operate the Foam pellets machine as a new user ?

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How to operate the Foam pellets machine as a new user ?

How to operate the Foam pellets machine as a new user ?

The Foam pellets machine is foam recycling machine and it can crush EPS foam waste and melting the waste,then,extrude into melted strand which will be cooled by water and cut into pellets.These pellets can be raw materials for foam making and plastics making.Cause it cheaper price than original raw materials,so,it takes market. EPS pellets machine

Buyer will operate the Foam pellets machine after they install them.The machine works by heating to melt EPS foam waste,there are two heating rings at end of each stage.And there is switch on/off to control the heating,so,user can control the temperature by the control box.
To start feeding foam waste,user need to heat the 1st and 2nd stage for 20-40 minutes.User can try to melt a small piece of foam at the machine head to see if the machine reach the set temperature of 200’C.Just start feeding after it reaches the temperature.
User still can feed a sample foam to see the sample can be melted.Big amount of feeding can start after sample go thru.The heating can be off if temperature goes over heating.
EPS foam pellets
The filter screen with 20-80 meshes at 2nd stage can be installed to filter the dust.The bigger meshes,the more dust can be filtered.User need prepare more pieces screen to replace them during working.If the strand not output smoothly,it means that the screen is blocked,so,user need replace a new screen.The used screen can be renewed by burning to be a new screen which can be installed again on Foam pellets machine .
Youtube for the operation of Foam pellets machine  @ 

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