How the EPS Sensor Control foam silo system

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EPS silo system

How the EPS Sensor Control foam silo system

foam silo system is to store the EPS foam pre expanded granules or recycled granules.The EPS materials will be in and out of the silo.To work with it,user can work it manually or automatically.EPS sensor is known as storage level sensors which is installed on the foam silo system , there are two material-level sensors installed in one silo.The foam silo system will be automatic silo which can be controlled automatically by system in screen display.

EPS sensor

Since of sensors,the system will see and respond accordingly for on/off with its controlling valves.So,the conveying of EPS materials will be controlled automatically.
· Up sensor: stop feeding when the upper material level is sensed
· Down sensor: start feeding when the lower material level is sensed
Technical Description
· Supply voltage: 220V/110V/24V
· Contact capacity: 250VAC/5A (resistive load)
· Medium temperature: -30-80 degree
· Power:3W
· Blade speed:1rpm
· Blade material: SU304
· Blade specification:100X40MM
· Electrical interface M20X1.5
· Applicable material specific gravity: >0.4g/cm3
· Installation mode: horizontal or vertical installation
· Product features: compact structure, small shape, zinc alloy shell, solid and reliable
EPS silo system
 Application of EPS sensor
The sensors will be installed in foam silo system to control the feeding of EPS materials.

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