EPS package hot wire cutter– new processing for foam packing

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eps package
eps package by hot wire cutter

We introduce a new type of manufacturing for EPS foam package which is made by low cost hot wire cutter,not by expensive shape molding machine.

eps package
eps package by hot wire cutter

The small manual EPS package hot wire cutter can cut and groove on EPS foam pads for molded models like above picture.

We have manual,semi automatic,automatic and CNC machines for making EPS packages which can be different machines to make it.

The  foam packaging mainly refers to the thermal processing of expandable polystyrene (EPS) raw materials through molds, and the packaging products made are commonly known as “foams”. Expandable polystyrene is an ideal packaging material. Through the molding process, it can be processed into packaging products of various shapes and different thicknesses as required. In the case of high load, the material can achieve buffering and shock absorption through deformation, energy absorption, energy decomposition, etc., and at the same time have the functions of heat preservation and heat insulation.

EPS packaging products are generally white, and color can be produced on request.

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