Supply EPS packing machine from China

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eps package
eps package by hot wire cutter
We supply hot wire EPS packing machine from China.The EPS packing machine takes delta electronics PLC programming control system and touch screen device, the wrapping circles can be adjustable.
Input the data of packing products on Delta screen touch display,computer can automatically set the film wrapping circles and length.
Delta frequency transformer can adjust the conveyor speed.
Photo electricity sensor for positioning, stop and is automatic work.
Film overlapping can be adjusted by Delta frequency transformer.
Labeling function for packages can be stronger film wrapping and brand display.
EPS box machine
hot wire EPS box machine
EPS packing machine is for various foam panels ,sandwich panels and also other panels,pipes,strip,wire rod package etc. The packed products can be corrosion resistant, good sealing, easier storage and transportation.

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