What is CNC foam cutting ?

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CNC foam cutting is a manufacturing process that utilizes computer numerical control (CNC) technology to cut foam materials into desired shapes and sizes. This process involves the use of CNC machines, which are programmed with pre-designed graphics or models to automatically cut the foam material accurately and efficiently.

hot wire CNC-3D

CNC foam cutting offers several advantages such as high precision, efficiency, and flexibility. Compared to traditional manual cutting methods, it can significantly improve production rates while reducing human error and enhancing product quality. Additionally, CNC foam cutting allows for automated production through programming, which can lower labor costs and enhance a company’s competitiveness.


Due to its versatility and accuracy, CNC foam cutting machine has found widespread applications in various industries such as construction, automotive, and aerospace. It is commonly used to create models, parts, insulation materials, and more. Overall, CNC foam cutting represents an advanced manufacturing technique with broad application potential and development opportunities.

EPS cement CNC cutter


Another CNC foam cutting is contour wire cut.The fast wire cutter is named as a contour cutter because it is designed to cut materials along pre-defined contours or shapes. A contour cutter, also known as a wire cutting machine or wire EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining), uses a thin metal wire as the cutting tool. This wire is electrically charged and moved rapidly back and forth across the workpiece, generating sparks that erode the material along the desired contour.


The name “contour cutter” reflects its ability to precisely follow the contours of a template or design, cutting out intricate shapes with high accuracy. This type of cutting is particularly useful in applications where traditional machining methods are not suitable, such as cutting complex shapes from hard or brittle materials.


In summary, the fast wire cutter is named as a contour cutter because it utilizes a thin metal wire to precision-cut materials along predefined contours, achieving high accuracy and versatility in various industrial applications.

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