Feature of Styrofoam CNC Router from China

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styrofoam cnc router
4D styrofoam cnc router

The structure of 4 axis styrofoam CNC router is stable: the square steel structure is adopted, so that the whole has a solid cornerstone

Reasonable structural design: combining virtual simulation and design to ensure uniform force on the structure and reasonable gravity at each position.

styrofoam cnc router
4D styrofoam cnc router

High motion accuracy of styrofoam CNC router: the linearity of the guide rail is calibrated within 5um, and the high-precision grating encoder is used. The resolution accuracy of the encoder is 0.1μm, and the repetitive positioning accuracy of the motion is within ±2um.

Structure sealed environment: All movement units adopt Velcro type organ cover, which has good sealing performance and is easy to maintain

With dual precision linear axes, the maximum speed can reach 500mm/s. If the linear motor module is used for dual axis matching, the maximum speed can reach 1400mm/s

The running speed and running stroke can be changed according to user requirements

Model No.
3.5 kw
18000 rpm
Cooling way
Air cooling
Application size
1000*800 mm
2400*1400 mm
Machine size
3000*1900*1700 mm
Machine weight
400 kg
 Aluminum extrusion diameter
60*60 mm
                      ± 1mm
                  X Y Z A
Driving motion
          Chain and ball screw

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