How the 4 axis CNC router work?

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3 axis
cnc router machine with 3/4 axis

4 axis CNC router machine work with XYZA axis and it can precision carve some 3D relief.How will the axis coordinate and carve?

4 axis styrofoam cnc router
4 axis styrofoam cnc router

1. The combination of Y, Z axis and C axis platform, in which the high speed of Y and Z axis is 500mm/s, 250mm/s on the CNC router.

2. The marble axle frame structure is designed through finite element stress analysis, which makes the machine high strength and high stability.

3. The position repeatability is 2μm, the resolution encoder accuracy is 0.1μm, and the walking straightness is 5μm, which greatly improves the running accuracy of the whole machine.

4. Standard stroke Y-axis 400mm, Z-axis 50mm (can be customized according to the actual requirements of customers)

5. The C-axis adopts high-precision direct-drive motor, which can be used for processing rotating bodies,that is advantage of CNC router

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