The application of 5 axis CNC router from China

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cnc router
5 axis cnc router

The 5 axis CNC router is widely used in the industry of statue sculpture,prop,solid wood decoration, mold making, edge milling etc . The CNC router can work with wood,foam and stone materials.

CNC router
5 axis CNC router

Machine Feature

① The 5 axis CNC router has unique design of external protection cover has the function of safe protection and dust collection.
② It has the RTCP tool following function to avoid errors in the processing process. It is equipped with a European-quality DEMAS five-axis head. lt is equipped with a taiwan five-axis head.
③ The 5 axis CNC router is combined with high precision servo system, it will bring you an efficient processing experience.
④ The fixed-column type and table moving ensure that the machine can still maintain good machining accuracy even in high-speed operation.
⑤ different power of spindle is available.

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