Heavy duty CNC EPS cutting machine with multiple wires

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CNC EPS cutting machine can cut many kinds of 2D models, which is mainly used to cut two dimensional models such as European building components, T slot board, column, pellet, etc.It allows designing all kinds of two-dimensional figures so as to satisfy market requirements.

arduino controlled CNC foam cutting machine
arduino controlled CNC foam cutting machine

i think the CNC EPS cutting machine will be better to cut EPS mouldings, cause you cut block into 2D models like the architectural mouldings,logoes,letters etc.

it is not a common CNC EPS cutting machine,it will be heavy duty with steel of bigger thickness and bigger voltage.and the wires will be with oscillation too.The EPS Block will be still ,do not move ,frame with wires move to cut.

ItemUnit Specification
Max cutting sizeMm 2500*2000*1000
Transformer CapacityKva5
Hot wire numbersPiece1-20
Hot wire materialsNichrome
hot wire diameterMm0.4-0.8
CNC softwareAuto CAD
Cutting ModelTwo Dimension
Max machine sizeMm4000x3400x2400
Machine WeightKg800

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